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HORN Glass Industries AG, a German specialist in the design and supply of complete glass melting technology is a solution partner for the worldwide glass industry. With its abroad subsidiary companies in Czech Republic, India, Malaysia and China HORN match the glass industry requirement for local and fast activities.

With its more than 125 year experience in glass melting HORN has a wide range of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of different furnace types for production of lighting ware, tableware, containers, cast glass, float glass, solar glass and technical glassware.

The range of products includes utility equipment as combustion systems, electric control equipment as well as modern process controlling with SCADA systems at the highest standard, to name but a few.

A reference of more than 20.000 tonnes of glass per day coming from furnaces made by HORN express the professional and reliable performance of the market leader in glass melting furnaces.


Компания Horn Glass Industries AG
Адрес Bergstraße 2
95703 Plößberg
Телефон 0049 9636 9204-0
Факс 0049 9636 920410
Электронная почта Email Contact
Интернет www.hornglas.de
Работники 315
Товарооборот 40-80 Mio. Euro
Сертификаты DIN ISO 9001:2000
Год основания 1999
Экспортный Уровень 85%

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Имя Мистер Dipl.-Eng. Stephan Meindl
Позиция CEO and Managing Director
Телефон 0049 9636 9204 52
Факс 0049 9636 9204 10
Электронная почта Email Contact
Имя Миссис Ekaterina Firsova
Позиция Executive Director Glass Plant Technology
Телефон 0049 9636 9204 61
Электронная почта Email Contact
Имя Мистер Dipl.-Eng. Ulrich Imhof
Позиция Executive Director Container/Special Glass / Sales Director Asia
Телефон 0049 9636 9204 83
Факс 0049 9636 9204 10
Электронная почта Email Contact


Horn Glass Industries AG
Bergstrasse 2
95703 Plößberg
Phone: 0049 9636 92040
FAX: 0049 9636 920410



The heart of the HORN Glass Industries AG is the engineering of glass melting furnaces for the glass industry. Numerous national as well as international companies have placed their entire plant engineering in the hands of HORN.

Plant planning and design are done on the most modern CAD stations and executed using equally modern construction methods. This has led to HORN being the "innovation factory". Furthermore the whole peripheral equipment around the furnace and forehearths is supplied.

Reliability and durability are the chief criteria for all equipment whether wholly or partly manufactured in house. Individual consultation in terms of the selection, adaptation and application of technically and economically sound solutions are HORN´s speciality.

The company is specialized to tailor entire plant packages for Container and Float glass industry. The products outside of the standard range of HORN can be supplied together with the furnace. So to speak, HORN is your one-stop-shop.

-          Melting Furnace

-          Forehearth

-          Boosting Systems

-          Heating Equipment

-          Batch Chargers

-          Electrical Equipment

-          Peripheral Equipment



Expansion of new building wing at the headquarters of Horn Glass Industries is progressing

At the moment, the workers are smoothly plastering the inside and outside of the masonry and completing the electrical


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HORN saves staff from COVID-19

Since the beginning of February, employees of HORN Glass Industries AG have been on a construction site in Orizaba, a city east of Mexico City, in order to set up and commission a glass melting plant for its customer SIVESA. Unfortunately, further


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Cristalerias Toro SpA is a Chilean family business with more than 60 years of experience in the manufacture and marketing of glass


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New project in Chile for technology company HORN Glass Industries AG

Cristalerias Toro SpA is a Chilean family business with more than 60 years of experience in the manufacture and marketing of glass containers. The company supplies container tlass in varous areas of the food industry like wines, spirits, liqueurs,


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The one day seminar, with the subject "Electric Boosting used in Glass Melting Furnaces" was held at Hotel Kunlun in Beijing and in total 50 people from the container glass industry



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    PDF 2679794 Glass Industry Image
    HORN Glass Industries AG has expertise in the design, manufacture and supply of different furnace types, such as regenerative, recuperative continuous tank furnaces, float furnaces and electrical tank furnaces for the production of lighting ware, tableware, containers, cast glass, float glass, solar glass, pharmaceutical glass, cosmetic glass and technical glassware.
    PDF 435129 Batch Charger
    Description of various batch chargers available - HVR, HVFE etc.
    PDF 429560 Burners
    Gas burner lances Oil burner lances Air casing burners Mixture burners
    PDF 632979 Colouring Forehearths
    All forehearths are individually designed depending on the colours required, the tonnage and the conditions on site. All forehearths generally consist of a heating up / dosing zone, a stirrer zone, a cooling zone, as well as a conditioning zone.
    PDF 1598536 CORA
    The CORA system is a specially designed supply station to pre-mix gas and combustion air in a constant ratio for combustion inside the distributor and forehearths.
    PDF 157549 Drainage system
    THE system to remove frequently arising zircon cords
    PDF 311524 Float Glass Technology
    For over a hundred years, the German furnace manufacturer, HORN, has formed reliable partnerships with glass producers worldwide, supplying our renowned range of glass melting furnaces for container glass production through to float glass lines.
    PDF 527878 Forehearths
    Every distributor and forehearth concept is a unique compromise between the customer’s requirements and the technical feasibility.
    PDF 992355 OPTIBEAM
    - the precise, non-contact glass level measuring device
    PDF 278051 Electric Boosting system
    Reliable electric boosting systems to increase glass pull and glass quality
    PDF 1252313 Bubbling system
    A system to support and stabilize the glass flow in order to increase glass quality
    PDF 634764 Service works at furnaces
    Installation and commissioning Furnace repair works Heating up Furnace draining Furnace inspection Trouble-shooting Computer modelling Project management
    PDF 373858 Electrode holder
    Reliable and high-quality electrode holders

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    Компания Horn Glass Industries AG предлагает свои продукты и услуги в области Burner, Burner Design, Controlling and Automation (MSR), Doghouse, Energy Supply, Feeder Design, Furnace Cooling, Installation / Assembly, Melting Furnace, Recuperative Chamber, Refractory Materials, Regenerative Chamber, Steel Construction, Technical Calculations, Technical Planning, Technical Planning & calculations

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