Price for the Extended Package

Цена 790,00 Euro
Продолжительность 12 Месяц (ы)
  Invoice date will be the issue date of the "Extended Profile". This date is also the start date of the runtime. You may printout a copy of your invoice after online payment.
Отмена Расторжение в письменном виде, не позднее чем 3 месяц(ев) до истекаемого срока, отослать на [email] или по факсу +49 (0)211 280733-22. Если мы не получим от Вас сообщение, срок предложенного сервиса будет автоматически продлен на следующие 12 месяцы.
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Book your Extended Package for 12 Months at 790,00 Euro


  • Company integration into directory
  • Receipt of regular e-mail newsletter
  • Access to company profiles in the directory
  • Direct connected link to own website
  • Spam secured e-mail contact button
  • Banner advertisement in the related category
  • Keyword programming for google and search engine
  • Publication of company news and press releases on
  • Integration of your company in the Who is Who of Preferred Suppliers

For an annual fee of 790,00 EUR, we provide you with the previously described services.

The payment term is 100% in advance, prior to publishing the Extended Package on and the release of the access to booked services.

We send our invoice after the booking of your package. The runtime of the package starts with the invoice date.

After the runtime of one year, there is no need for further action from yourself. The package automatically prolongs for another runtime of one year. Only a cancellation has to be made in writing, not later than three months before expiry of the runtime, and is to be sent by e-mail to or to fax number +49 (0)211 280733-22.

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Запись профиля Вашей компании в самый большой в мире банк данных для международной стекольной промышленности бесплатна (Standard Package).

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