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Düsseldorf, (Technology Member)


glassglobal Group Network Special consultancy for glass makers and processing companies. The "Glass Technology Area" demonstrates the process of glass production to prospective customers. The areas cover the complete production process from...

Grafenberger Allee 277-287
40237 Düsseldorf

Телефон: 0049 211 280733 0
Факс: 0049 211 280733 22
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Venezia - Murano, (Technology Member)


Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro (SSV) provides a wide range of analytical and technical support services, such as: development of applied research projects laboratory analyses and tests for the determination of all the chemical, physical,...

Via Briati 10
30141 Venezia - Murano

Телефон: 0039 041 27 37 011
Факс: 0039 041 27 37 048
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Waidhofen/Ybbs, (Technology Member)

Haselsteiner GmbH

Automation / connected lines Tempering lines Cooltemper Machines for Ceramic Ink Printing Dryer Chemical Tempering Furnace Laminating Systems Washing Machines Tilting tables ...

Unterer Stadtplatz 14/3
3340 Waidhofen/Ybbs

Телефон: 0043 7442 53222
Факс: 0043 7442 53222-22
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Monte Marenzo, (Technology Member)


Wire Mesh Conveyor Belts for Annealing and Decorating Lehr Shear Blades for Feeders Silent Chains and sprockets for Conveyor and Cross...

Via XXV Aprile, 2
23804 Monte Marenzo

Телефон: 0039 0341 63 20 80
Факс: 0039 0341 588818
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Viechtach, (Technology Member)

UAS Messtechnik GmbH

Process Automation, DCS Systems Plant Wide Automation (PWA) Oxyfuel Combustion Technology Preaheating Technology Bushing Control Systems Optimized Combustion Oxygen Probes ENOx - Primary NOx Reduction ORCODILE - Waste Heat...

Prof.-Hermann-Staudinger-Str. 4
94234 Viechtach

Телефон: 0049 9942 9486 0
Факс: 0049 9942 9486 10
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Wiesbaden, (Technology Member)

RHI GLAS GmbH, RHI Magnesita

Supplier of Refractories Highest quality standards apply not only to all products but also to the services of our company. Refractories expertise, know-how in the customers` production processes and international orientation of the employees,...

Hagenauer Str. 53-55a
D-65203 Wiesbaden
P.O.Box 2025

Телефон: 0049 611 7335 0
Факс: 0049 611 7335 475
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Spiegelau, (Technology Member)

Füller Glastechnologie Vertriebs GmbH

Gob Feeder, Platinum Feeder, Feeder Coloring, Suction Feeder, Blowing Machine, Press Blow Machines, Press Machine , Spinning Machine, Stemware Lines, Injection Machine, Welding and Fire Polishing, Inspection Machines, Crack off...

Industriestrasse 1
94518 Spiegelau

Телефон: 0049 8553 97938 0
Факс: 0049 8553 97938 199
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Newton, MA, (Technology Member)

H.C. Starck Solutions

H.C. StarckSolutions´ innovative manufacturing techniques and high purity powders (99.95% min.) creates the highest quality molybdenum electrodes with superb corrosion resistance and service life for producing electrical heat in glass melting...

45 Industrial Place
02461 Newton, MA

Телефон: 001 617 630.5800
Факс: 001 617 630.5879
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Marl, (Technology Member)

Fotoverbundglas Marl GmbH

LAMIPRESS(R) a trade mark of Fotoverbundglas Marl GmbH as autoclaveless lamination solution. Using flat bed vacuum autoclave technology, we offer service providers and glass processing companies a professional solution for high efficient laminated...

Zechenstr. 7c
45772 Marl

Телефон: 0049 2365 3 17 3
Факс: 0049 2365 36 35 5
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Essen, (Technology Member)

GlassChemConsult e.K.

Products, systems and spare parts for hot end and cold end coating application: GlassChem HOT 99 (chemical for hot end coating) GlassChem CC 25 (chemical for cold end coating) GlassChem LP 25 (chemical for cold end coating) GlassChem...

Wienenbuschstraße 25
45149 Essen

Телефон: 0049 201 74925295
Факс: 0049 201 74925296
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