We consider ourselves to be a complete project engineering team which adapts the specific project organization to the customer´s requirements. Custom made (cm) is therefore not only a part of our company name but also a supporting pillar of our company policy.


Компания GmbH
Адрес Helmholtzstraße 24
52428 Jülich
Телефон 0049 2461 981098 0
Факс 0049 2461 981098 99
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Работники 50+
Год основания 2007

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Имя Мистер Dr.-Eng. Daniel Schippan
Позиция General Manager
Телефон 0049 2461 981098 0
Факс 0049 2461 981098 99
Электронная почта Email Contact
Имя Мистер Sebastian Pantel
Позиция Glass Process Engineer
Телефон 0049 2461 981098 64
Электронная почта Email Contact
Имя Отдел Sekretariat
Электронная почта Email Contact

Продукты GmbH is a company for engineering and project management in industrial facility design, particularly in the field of glass production (hollow glass containers, plate glass, fiber glass).

The engineering sector concentrates primarily on glass production, compressed air, utility supply and the entire sector of facilities designed in the fiber glass and hollow glass industry. In the area of project management, we provide services for all major industrial projects in facility design.


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PDF 17541 Interview for glassglobal Compendium
Interview with Dr. Daniel Schippan for glassglobal Compendium, Q4/2014 Issue

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Компания GmbH предлагает свои продукты и услуги в области Design and complete equipment, Turnkey / ready to use

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