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MOTIM has expanded its production sites for fused cast refractory blocks

, Motim Fused Cast Refractories Ltd.

MOTIM has been producing fused cast refractories since 1957. Although the equipment and the production technology has been under continuous improvement during these passed 50 years, these modifications were considered as partial changes, only. Comprehensive developments were carried out in 1970 and 1986.

The fused cast refractories users, particularly the glass industry have changed considerably during this period. The glass melting furnaces today have generally increased in size and they have improved performance. Consequently, the size of the fused cast refractory blocks are required to be much larger, especially in height, while at the same time the shapes have become more complicated. On the other hand, the demands on the finished product quality requirement has been increasing continuously. It is a legitimate expectation from the users to achieve increased performance and campaign length, decrease energy consumption and improve lead times.

In order to satisfy users’ quality requirements and to ensure excelent quality continuously, Motim decided to implement comprehensive developments of the production technology and its associated equipment in both works.

In one of the two works, fused cast alumina refractories are produced. A new graphite moulding workshop was built here, with new machining equipment to guarantee the dimensional accuracy of the moulds. Also the melting, stripping, that is removing the block from the mould and annealing technologies were modified. These modifications allow us to manufacture amoung other things much larger feeder channel blocks.

In order to improve surface quality, Motim purchased a ’state of the art’ grinding machine which can grind two parallel surfaces at the same time. There was also a new crushing plant installed for the preparation of the recycled ’in house’ material.

The other works is employed for the production of fused cast AZS refractories. Development of this technology and its equipment span the complete manufacturing process. Due to the increased block size referred to earlier, the production hall had to be made higher in some places. By modifying the lifting height of the cranes, voidfree blocks upto 2400 mm can be produced.

Assembly of moulds has an important role in the production technology of fused cast refractories, it requires high quality moulding plates. Motim has created a new, high performance production line for the moulding plate manufacturing, it replaces the former three lines. The technical solution is considered to be one of the most modern production lines in the manufacturing of AZS. The production technology has been modified at several points in its process line. The machining capacity was increased by purchasing the most modern cutting and grinding machines available. We also extended the pre-assembly area where the furnaces are pre-built, this change enables complete pre-assembling of even bigger furnaces at one time, thus avoiding the need for customers to carry out multipal inspections for one furnace.

Our aim is to meet the increasing requirements of the users and markets, by the quality of the products manufactured and services provided. We are supplying 96 per cent of our products to 40 countries, our reputation is associated with excelent quality internationally.

, Motim Fused Cast Refractories Ltd.

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