Hager Sondermaschinenbau GmbH

A pioneer for the last 30 years

Our company was founded in 1982 by Hans Hager and his wife. At first it consisted only of a small metalworking shop on their front lawn where the first specialized machine was created at the customer’s request.

When their son Michael Hager joined the company, the orientation of the company toward the international market began, and in the last ten years it has established itself in the international- and especially in the Chinese market.

The success of this family business is based on, among other things, the close collaboration of Hans Hager and his sons, Michael und Matthias.

Perfection knows no borders

Today Hager GmbH constructs and produces mostly specialized machines for prestigious customers from the automobile and flat glass sectors with a workforce of 75 permanent workers and another 40 persons who collaborate as needed.

Hager sets the course worldwide in the automation of manufacturing- and production processes using the latest technology in robotic palletizers and hauling.

We generate efficiency

We develop custom-made solutions for optimizing manufacturing processes from the beginning on in confidential collaboration with our customers. We conduct detailed process analyses, search for and find potential for optimization, and we design, construct and produce the necessary machines. In this way we ensure our customers decisive competitive advantages.

In 2012 Hager GmbH won 1st Place in the ZIM Innovation Prize of the Federal Ministry of the Economy for the development of a flexible, energy-efficient and space-saving tenter frame changing portal for the automotive industry.

Innovation in series manufacture 

Our production takes place completely at the Möttingen site. Our experienced employees use the latest technology together with traditional manual ability to produce machines of the highest quality with extended useful lives.

After the mechanical assembly, the assembly of electrical component and the integration of control units and software, we perform further on-site test runs. Only when everything functions to absolute perfection do we send off the machines to our customers in Germany and throughout the world.

Worldwide service

We have direct representatives in Germany, USA, Brazil, India and China for your convenience, and we benefit from long-standing collaborations with service partners worldwide.



Компания Hager Sondermaschinenbau GmbH
Адрес Weilerweg 5
86753 Möttingen
Телефон 0049 9083 9696 0
Факс 0049 9083 969630
Электронная почта Email Contact
Интернет www.hager-gmbh.de
Работники 75
Товарооборот 30 Mio.
Год основания 1982

Контактная информация

Имя Мистер Dipl.-Eng. Michael Hager
Позиция Managing Director
Телефон 0049 9083 9696 36
Факс 0049 9083 9696 30
Электронная почта Email Contact


supplier of conveying-, transport-, packing technology, handling systems, transport systems, stacking systems, automation, portal loader, robots, linear cutting tables, paper dispersing machines, automatic loading and unloading of autoclaves, turning tables



Erster vollautomatischer Spacerleger für die Flachglas-Industrie

Ein Spacer wird zwischen zwei Glaspakete als Trennmittel eingebracht. Bisher wurden diese von Anlagenbedienern manuell eingelegt. Alle bisherigen Automatisierungsversuche in diesem Bereich sind gescheitert, jedoch konnte Fa. Hager nun die erste


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Компания Hager Sondermaschinenbau GmbH предлагает свои продукты и услуги в области Conveyor and chain belts, Handling, Paper interlayer robots, Stacker, Transport

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