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glass global consulting GmbH is a German company, headquartered in Düsseldorf. To provide you with a technically sophisticated service, we include engineers of glass technology, business experts and programmers in our team. Main topics of the company are the contribution and generation of information for the global glass industry and its suppliers.

Our Network is completed by featuring a comprehensive company database, Trade Market, Job Market, Consultancy as well as Technical Glass Calculations and Calculations about thermal behaviour. You can rely on our long international experience in sales and technique as well as on our glass specialists.


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glass global consulting is a new spin-off of GG Community - - the leading internet glass community.

We will help you analyzing and benchmarking your glass production and run projects to reduce costs (with energy costs in particular), minimize CO2 and NOx emissions (with additional returns through emission trading schemes), increase efficiencies, enhance glass quality and optimize productivity.

glass global consulting is a team of professionals with technical, commercial and marketing expertise within glass and works in close cooperation with competent partners.



ggENOx Take-over by Horn Glass Industries

glassglobal consulting is proud to report that they have found a strong and competitive partner for take-over ggENOx


  • Íîâîñòè Ñòåêîëüíîé Ïðîìûøëåííîñòè


ggENOx achieves significant energy savings in Western European glass factory

This unique installation matches all customer requirements with regard to NOx reduction. The requested upper limit of 800 mg/Nm³ by EU regulations is fully adhered to, even considerably undercut. More importantly, the customer confirms that he has


  • Ïîëîå Ñòåêëî, Ñòîëîâàÿ Ïîñóäà, Òåõíè÷åñêîå Ñòåêëî


ggENOx achieves NOx reduction and significant savings in Western European glass factory

glassglobal Consulting GmbH, GGC is proud to report another successful ggENOx installation in Western


  • Øèõòà, Ïå÷ü, Âàðêà, Íàíåñåíèå Ïîêðûòèÿ


Successful ggENOx installation in 3 container glass furnaces

NOx reduction by more than 40% and energy reduction by 3-5%. System integration in existing furnaces during continuous production and also in new


  • Øèõòà, Ïå÷ü, Âàðêà, Íàíåñåíèå Ïîêðûòèÿ


  Тип файла Размер файла    
PDF 905650 Financial optimisation of furnaces by balancing calculations
In this article the author explores how furnace benchmarking, furnace balance calculation and furnace analysing systems can be used to increse the profitablity of glass production.
PDF 544942 Financial Aspects of Furnace Optimisation
Introduction - Furnace Benchmark - Cost Structure of typical Glass Plants - Profit Increase by Cost Reduction - Profit Increase by Efficiency and Production Increase ect.

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Компания glass global consulting GmbH предлагает свои продукты и услуги в области Emission reduction, Optimization of energy consumption, Technical Calculations, Technical raw material Calculations

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