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Supplier of equipment for Waste Water Treatment

SELUTOR offers customers the following three types of solutions for cleaning of grinding water by means of flocculation.

The coolants use in the glass cutting industry are mostly water-based and, if necessary, enriched with additives for improved coolant and lubrification effect.

The task of the cleaning systems is to remove the glass swarf from the system and discharge it in a firm state (including the fine particles which cannot be filtrered directly and eliminated by centrifugal cleaning) and the coolant to hold in circulation. SELUTOR offers individually-planned cleaning equipment which frees the water of substances which can be hazardous to the environment.

1. "All in one" System Cleaning and supply system for 1 to 3 processing machines. Cleaning process during breaks in operation of after close of work.

2. Central cleaning system for groups of machines with separate circulation tank. Cleaning process during glass processing with by-pass process.

3. Central and permanent cleaning system for supply of several machines and processing lines with circulation tank. Continuous cleaning process with cleaning performance of up to 100 % of the system water.

4. Extensive auxiliaries to optimize cleaning results and guarantee of uninterrupted supply with e.g. the online detection of solid matters SELUTOR RatioFlock.

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