glasstec Releases 2018 detailed Conference Schedule

Organizers of glasstec 2018, to be held Oct. 23-26, in Düsseldorf, Germany, released the schedule of events. glasstec is expected to draw 1,250 exhibitors from over 50 nations.

“Only here in Düsseldorf will the glass industry present itself to visitors from all over the world with such a variety of forward-looking solutions, products and applications,” says Birgit Horn, director of glasstec.


Special show glass technology live: Hall 11
For years, the special show has been a special attraction for visitors when it comes to forward-looking and innovative exhibits. For the first time, it will be organized by a university network: the technical universities of Darmstadt, Delft, Dresden and Dortmund. Main topics include: interactive facades/display glass; energy and performance; constructive glass, or solid glass/thin glass innovative solutions; as well as future-oriented technologies. 

For information on the special show, the conceptual partners and the participating exhibitors: www.glasstec-online.com/2530

Craft live: Hall 9
This year's special show Handwerk Live includes the presentation “Processing glass: from the warehouse to the end product." At various practical stations illustrating the entire process chain, visitors from the glass processing trade will learn which requirements, processes and products facilitate the processing and transport of glass. Here, the glass processing trade is invited to try tools and materials themselves. For an overview of the individual stations: www.glasstec-online.com/

The "glasstec Challenge": Hall 9
Another new highlight this year will be the "glasstec challenge." Trainees from the third year of apprenticeship in the glass profession will compete against each other during the trade show and produce various glass products at hands-on stations. In addition to the quality of the exhibits, the time of implementation, preparation and use of protective equipment and work clothing will also be evaluated. The winners can look forward to prizes such as training vouchers and free participation in seminars.

Glass srt: Hall 9
The special exhibition of glass art will show the artistic side of the glass industry. The spectrum of exhibiting artists from internationally renowned galleries ranges from glass vessels to sculptural objects and glass painting.

Open maker space: Hall 10
In the Design & Make Workshop, students of international partner universities of the European Facade Network (efn) will develop prototypes for nodes of innovative facade systems.

Glasstec conference: Hall 10
At the glasstec conference, the trade show will bring together theory and practice in concentrated form with top-class presentations by leading experts. For example, the cross-industry conferences will expand the background knowledge on the exhibits of "glass technology live."

Technology conference, Function Meets Glass
The technology conference, "Function Meets Glass," will kick off on Monday before the start of the trade show. The conference will focus on the manufacture and processing of functional glass and its areas of application. Wilma Dewald from Volkswagen will talk about the application of functional glass in the automotive industry. High-precision laser cutting techniques on complex surfaces and new coatings on glass will also be topics.

The conference participants will also receive insights into current research projects, previously unpublished and innovative products on a subsequent tour of the "glass technology live" special show. The current program is online: www.functionmeetsglass.com

The conference language is English

Partner conferences
On Tuesday, partners HVG-DGG (Hüttentechnische Vereinigung der deutschen Glasindustrie e.V. and Deutsche Glastechnische Gesellschaft e.V.) will present the topics of glass melting and emissions. This year, the Bundesverband Glasindustrie e.V. (BV Glas) will focus on the topic of environmental and climate policy in Germany and the EU. Networked production and new technologies form the thematic emphasis on Wednesday, presented by the Verband Deutscher Maschinen und Anlagenbauer e.V. (VDMA). The new "Daylight by EuroWindoor" event will take place on Wednesday. The content will be about news on the basics and planning of daylight use in buildings.

All conferences will be simultaneously translated into German and English.

For an overview of the conference program of BV Glas, HVG-DGG, VDMA and EuroWindoor: www.glasstec-online.com/conference


Invitation to paper and press conference on 23.October 2018, 13:00 h / glasstec Hall 10 / C18-F18 and subsequent discussions at booth of Glass Scan Technologies, exhibiting at booth of cibite AG in Hall 14 F 20.

We are most pleased to invite you to attend the official announcement of this project that takes place at glasstec exhibition in Düsseldorf following the session of HVG-DGG.

We like to share following initial information and full details will be disclosed during the press conference.



International Architecture Congress
On Thursday morning, speakers from architecture firms will present their projects with glass at the international architecture congress (in the CCD Ost). This year's Architecture Congress is entitled “Views - New Architecture with Glass.” The Architecture Congress, chaired by the NRW Chamber of Architects, is officially recognized as an advanced training course —AKNW - 4 teaching hours for architecture and interior design, IKBau NRW - 4 time units. The participation fee is Euro 49 and includes admission to the trade fair for two days. For details about the International Architecture Congress program:  www.glasstec.de/architekturkongress  or www.glasstec-online.com/architecturecongress.

All presentations will be simultaneously translated into German and English.

Engineered transparency
On Thursday and Friday, international scientists and groups such as Chris McVoy, Steven Holl Architects, Markus Feldmann, RWTH Aachen, Jan Wurm, Arup, Rob Nijsse and TU Delft will discuss developments in the field of constructive glass construction. For the complete program: www.glasstec-online.com/2524

The conference language is English.

05.10.2018, glasstec


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