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Заголовок To further enhance my skills and knowledge related to my current field of specialization
Датированный 25.05.2015
Шифр Работы # CH0552477

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Профессия Forehearth and Lehr Engr./ Specialist
Категория Работы Ïðîèçâîäñòâî (Ãîðÿ÷èé Êîíåö), Ðàáî÷èé-Ñòàíî÷íèê
Область деятельности Temperature profiling, Gob Shaping, Defects Correction, Refractory replacement
в этой позиции с 2015 to present
Управленческий опыт Managing Forehearth maintenance, and spare equipment
Командный опыт work in multi culture environment
Опыт за границей Work in SaverGlass U.A.E
Языки English and Tagalog
Возраст 28

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Позиция Forehearth Specialist
Область деятельности Temperature profiling, Gob Shaping, Defects Correction, Refractory replacement
Требуемая зарплата 150,000 pesos Negotiable
Рабочее время Øòàòíûé
Доступность? (также за границей) yes



Southern Luzon State University

Текст заявления

Good Morning I would like to apply for FOREHEARTH SPECIALIST in O-I New Zealand, currently I'm
working in SAVERGLASS LLC U.A.E branch as FOREHEARTH ENGR./FEEDERMAN from 2012 to present but I start to work in Glass Manufacturing specially in Glass Bottle Production since December 2010 in ASIA BREWERY Glass Plant Phil. as FOREHEARTH FOREMAN almost 5yrs up to present.

I'm Responsible, in all Operation aspect of FOREHEARTH and FEEDER such as Temperature Profiling and Gob shaping, correction of defects related to feeder, analyzing and troubleshooting of all the faults in the FOREHEARTH that lead to Temperature problem, included also the replacement of damage consumables refractories such as Spout, Stirrers, Tube, Plunger/s,orifice, shear blade and sprays.

In Asia Brewery Glass Plant Philippines I'm using EMHART I.S Machine with electronic feeder and BHF-Fivestien,PSR for Forehearth, and Bowman LEHR.
In SAVERGLASS LLC U.A.E I'm Using BDF I.S Machine with Electronic Feeders, HORN forehearth and Antonini LEHR and addition is all Operation aspect Hot End Coating (C.T.U)

I have experience also to run two bottles with different weight (50grms) in one machine at same time.

I have good communication skills so I can deliver sound and clear my idea and I was able to understand by my co-worker even in multi-culture setup.
I have good management skills that I learn and develop since I was student as Organisation Leader and Army Reserve officer of the Phil. and in actual work as FOREHEARTH ENGR/FEEDERMAN by handling the schedules of my co-worker, maintenance schedule, and monitoring of spare parts stocks and consumption.
I'm also good in MS-Excel, Word, Power point and I.S Machine Computer Manipulation that I learn in work and as Graduate BS-Electrical Engr

Специальные навыки

  • Operate and Trouble shoot BHF –Fivestien, PSR, HORN Forehearth System for Glass Conditioning process
  • Operate I.S Machine (BDF and EMHART) specific in Feeder & Shear Mechanism for Gob Shaping and correct related defects.
  • Operate and Trouble shoot operation relate issues of Hot End Coating
  • Operate and Trouble shoot Bowman & Antonini Lehr for Annealing process
  • Basic Knowledge in PLC, Siemens, & Motor Control Connection
  • Have experience in parameters setup during plant startup of SaverGlass U.A.E