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Заголовок Production Foreman (Hot End)
Датированный 24.09.2015
Шифр Работы # CH0952591

Текущая позиция

Профессия Production Foreman
Категория Работы Ïðîèçâîäñòâî (Ãîðÿ÷èé Êîíåö), Ðàáî÷èé-Ñòàíî÷íèê
Область деятельности Glass Production
в этой позиции с 2000
Управленческий опыт 5 years
Командный опыт 20 years
Опыт за границей None
Языки English
Возраст 37

Желаемая позиция

Позиция Production
Область деятельности Glass
Требуемая зарплата £30-£40k
Рабочее время Øòàòíûé
Страна / Регион England, West Yorkshire
Доступность? (также за границей) Yes
Доступная дата 01/11/2015


GCSE's in English, Maths, Science, Technology

Текст заявления

Currently in the possition of Production Foreman at Stolzle Flaconnage Ltd based in Knottingley, West Yorkshire where I have worked for the last 15 years. I started at stolzle in the secondary processing department, decorating glass bottles, working my way up into a supervisory role over seeing teams of upto 50 staff. Eventually I wanted to learn more about glass, therefore I applied for a vacancy in Production where i have worked for the past 8 years, starting off as a machine operator, constantly learning and improving my bottle making skills. I was soon asked to work alongside the Production Technicians where I would be responsable for putting new jobs onto the IS machines daily again improving my skills as a bottle maker aswell as my team management skills. I was then asked to takeover my own shift, overseeing the running and prduction of 5 IS machines and its operators. At this moment in time is where I am and although I love my job I would love to improve my knowledge in other parts of the world.

Специальные навыки

Putting on new jobs ensuring customer demands and requirements are met.

Maintaining efficiancies.

People management.

Excellent team player.

Work very well as part of a team but can also work using own anitiative.