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Заголовок Decoration Manager Table ware
Датированный 13.11.2017
Шифр Работы # CH1176086

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Профессия Glass Industry Expert / Glass Decoration
Категория Работы Ïðîèçâîäñòâî (Ãîðÿ÷èé Êîíåö), Ðàáî÷èé-Ñòàíî÷íèê
Область деятельности Decoration
в этой позиции с 2005
Управленческий опыт yes
Командный опыт Yes
Опыт за границей yes
Языки English, Hindi, Gujarati, Arabic (R&W)
Возраст 37

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Позиция Decoration Manager Table ware
Область деятельности Decoration table ware
Требуемая зарплата negotiable
Рабочее время Øòàòíûé
Страна / Регион worldwide
Доступность? (также за границей) yes
Доступная дата any



Endowed ​​to ​​work ​​with ​​Dedication ​​and ​​commitment ​​to ​​do ​​the ​​assigned ​​projects, shouldering ​​responsibility,​​ and ​​coordination ​​with ​​colleagues,​discussion ​​with ​​clients​​ for understanding ​​their ​​requirements ​​and ​​putting​ ​continuous ​​efforts ​​for ​​the​betterment ​​of projects ​​assigned ​​with ​​hard- work ​​and​ ​patience.

Believe ​​in ​​Adherence ​​to ​​rules, ​​regulations, ​​and ​​formalities ​​to ​​statutes ​​only ​​does good ​​to all concerned, ​​the ​​Company, the ​​Customer ​​and ​​Individual ​​Employee.

Work ​​experience

  • Present ​​working as a ​​​Manager ​​Décor ​​​in ​​ARC​ ​International ​​Middle ​​East, ​​France​based World ​Leading ​​Table​​ware ​​Manufacturers ​​Group, Established​​1825.​​During Aug-2005 ​​to till today.
  • Pragati ​​Glass ​​Limited, ​​Kharach, ​​India,​​Worked ​​as ​​a ​​Assistant ​​Quality ​​Manager​ ​from 2000​ ​to ​​2005


Текст заявления

Dear Sirs,

I herewith apply for a position as Decoration Manager in your company.

If you consider my qualifications as acceptable, I am willing to send further information upon request.

Please contact me online or via glassglobal Group.

Thank You.

Специальные навыки


  • Pursuing​​ MBA


  • Good ​​hallucination ​​skills ​​to ​​work ​​on ​​the ​​projects.
  • Strong​​ in-depth ​​knowledge ​​in ​​Décor ​​Production.
  • Design​​ theory ​​and ​​related ​​knowledge ​​of ​​Decoration ​​Industry.
  • Strong​​ interpersonal​​ and​​ communication​​ skills.


Responsible​​ for ​​the ​​decoration​ ​of ​​glassware ​​meeting ​​the ​​quality ​​standards ​​and ​​market demands.​​​Plans ​​and​ ​organizes ​​the​​ decoration ​​of ​​glassware ​​ensuring ​​maximum ​​output ​​and cost savings.

Owner ​​of ​​Mini​​Company ​​in ​​accordance ​​with ​​Corporate ​​Guideline​​”QCDISME”



(Management​​ and​ ​Technical ​​activities)

  • Handling​​ a ​​total ​​of ​​14 ​​machines ​​consists ​​of ​​ATMA,​FERMAC,​ELMECERAM,​DRA, DR4,​MDF​(auto ​​& ​​manual),​tempering ​​lines​​ and ​​related​ ​lab​ ​activities.​​Staff ​​organization and ​​motivation ​​improves efficiency ​​of ​​the ​​production ​​by ​​giving technical ​​expertise ​​in ​​all fields.​​Define ​​the ​​best ​​methods/practices ​​and​ ​ensure ​​that​ ​the ​​products ​​met the​ quality and specifications.
  • Handle​​ and​ ​develop ​​sections ​​such ​​as ​​Decal ​​cutting ​​and​application,​décor ​​machines, décor​lab,​and décor tempering décor firing and washing by optimum use of resources for cost​efficiency.
  • Utilization/allocation​​ of ​​enamels,​paints,​​​silicon and screen within the defined budget for cost ​​effectiveness.
  • Always ​​makes ​​sure department ​​maintain ​​minimum ​​inventory ​​in terms ​​of ​​enamels ​​and consumables.​​(Min and​​ max).
  • Active​​ association ​​​with ​​NPD ​​for ​​new ​​development ​​of ​​new ​​designs ​​in ​​terms ​​of ​​color ​​and design​including ​​RAK​ ​&​ ​Luminarc ​​brands.​​Support ​​marketing ​​to ​​define ​​its ​​need, sampling​ ​activity,​costing ​​and ​​establish ​​start ​​up ​​of ​​new ​​products.
  • Manage ​​and ​​supervise ​​the ​​décor ​​lines ​​and ​​the ​​team-​sets ​​precise​ ​and​ ​ambitious ​​objectives and​develops ​​the ​​performance ​​indicators ​​for ​​each ​​section ​​and ​​line ​​and ​​audits ​​the evolution ​​of ​​these​objectives ​​as ​​well ​​as​ ​monitors the ​​visual ​​management ​​system, ​​to stimulate ​​the ​​performance ​​of​ ​the ​​teams​ ​and​ ​unit.
  • Monitors ​​the ​​décor ​​process ​​and​ ​ensures ​​that ​​standard ​​procedures ​​are​developed ​​and quality ​​standards ​​are ​​met.​​Defines ​​the ​​procedures ​​(ISO9001​certification) ​​implement ​​the Kaizen ​​principles​ ​(continuous ​​improvement, ​​5S,​​ visual ​​​management, ​​SMED) ​​for ​​each section.
  • Ensure ​​quality ​​of​ ​the​ ​items​ ​decorated ​​on​ ​the ​​lines ​​and ​​makes ​​sure ​​that​they ​​are compliant​​ with ​​the ​​customer’s​​ expectations.

Acts ​​as ​​the ​​interface ​​with ​​other​ ​departments:

  • Maintain​​ the ​​balance ​​load/capacity ​​and ​​the ​​availability ​​of ​​products ​​with ​​the​Supply ​​chain &​ ​the​ ​Sales.
  • Define ​​the ​​product ​​development ​​plan ​​with ​​the ​​NPD​ ​&​​ the​ ​ME ​​Marketing, ​​and​provide the​​ decoration ​​parameters.
  • Establish​​ the ​​budgets ​​and​ ​study​ ​the​ ​investment ​​plans ​​with​ ​the ​​Finance​ ​on​​decoration related,
  • Co-ordinate ​​for ​​programming ​​the ​​productions ​​in ​​accordance ​​with ​​the ​​requests ​​of ​​the scheduling​ ​​department ​​and​ ​tries ​​to ​​​meet ​​the ​​needs ​​of the​ ​scheduling department ​​at ​​the maximum​ ​(quantity,​deadlines).​​Optimizes ​​the ​​use ​​of ​​the​decoration ​​resources (staff, equipment) ​​to ​​produce ​​at ​​the ​​lowest ​​cost.
  • Be ​​the ​​inter face ​​with ​​the ​​Arc​​ France ​​industrial ​​departments ​​specifically​​corporate​​​NPD, corporate ​​décor ​​lab,​​corporate ​​décor ​​studio,​​subsidiaries ​​décor​​production ​​units:
  1. ​To ​​establish ​​the ​​training ​​plan ​​with ​​the ​​AF ​​experts
  2. To ​​share ​​the ​​best ​​practices ​​with ​​the ​​corporate ​​team
  3. To ​​study ​​&​ ​define ​​the ​​technical​​ scope ​​of ​​the ​​plant ​​extension ​​projects with ​​ the ​​AF ​​​Industrial ​​departments ​​and​ ​to ​​follow​ ​up ​​on ​​these​ ​projects.
  • Responsible ​​for ​​ensuring​ ​and ​​stimulating ​​the ​​improvement ​​and ​​development ​​of​​machines, tools,​​processes ​​and ​​products ​​by:
  1. Monitoring​​ the​ ​results ​​of ​​the ​​lines
  2. ​​Analyzing ​​the ​​deviations ​​and ​​initiating ​​the ​​relevant ​​corrective ​actions
  3. ​​Giving ​​the ​​staff ​​the​ ​sense ​​of ​​constant ​​monitoring​ ​the​​ results.
  4.  Specifying ​​the ​​main ​​improvement ​​actions
  • Organizes ​​the ​​production ​​changes ​​together ​​with​ ​the ​​maintenance ​​manager ​​and​​sets ​​up ​​the measures ​​necessary ​​to Job ​​Goals ​​(according ​​to ​​internal​​/​​external ​​client's ​​needs)
  1. Maximum​​ utilization ​​of ​​line ​​capacity ​​and​ ​efficiency
  2. ​​New ​​decorated ​​product ​​development ​​as ​​per ​​market ​​needs
  3. ​​Minimum ​​inventory ​​on ​​consumable.


  • 1​​ Million ​​$ ​​cost ​​reduced ​​in ​​2016 ​​Vs ​​2014 ​​same ​​pull, ​​in ​​fields ​​of ​​Enamels,​​Consumables, Gas ​​and​ ​Electricity
  • To ​​be ​​saved​ ​800K $ ​​in ​​current ​​year,​​ action ​​plan ​​in ​​place ​​and​ ​few​​ actions​​achieved target ​​within ​​7​​months ​​in stead ​​of ​​one ​​year.​​expected ​​to ​​be ​​landed​​ above ​​800K+
  • Thermoplastic ​​organic ​​decoration ​​success ​​with ​​Polymerization ​​process
  • Real ​​Gold ​​Decoration ​​on ​​Rim​​ +​ ​Decal ​​Gold ​​on ​​SODO ​​success
  • Consecutive ​​three ​​years ​​Décor ​​dept ​​rewarded ​​for ​​Leading ​​scorer ​​in​ ​APS​ ​(BEAM)