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Magazine title Glass Craftsman Magazine
Компания Arts & Media, Inc.
Interval bi-monthly
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Glass Craftsman Magazine brings the world of glass crafting to you. Whether you enjoy doing traditional stained glass, Tiffany style lampmaking, glass mosaics, sandblasting & etching, glass fusing, casting, bead making or torch work, or any of the latest hybrid hot/cold glass working techniques; whether you work in glass for your own enjoyment or as a professional artist or craftsperson, the information in Glass Craftsman has but one goal: to make you a better glass artist and craftsperson, and give you the information you need to get the most out of your glass working experience.

 Publisher, producer, instructor and artist Joe Porcelli, author of The Lampmaking Handbook and Jewels of Light, a history of stained glass, has always believed that information, and the sharing of that information has been a defining characteristic of the phenomenal glass movement of the last 30+ years. In response to that, his company Arts & Media, Inc. reaches beyond the publication of Glass Craftsman into book publishing (Uncommon Stained Glass by Peter McGrain, Dichroic Glass by Jackie Paciello-Truty & The Style Handbook by Stuart Goldman) and the latest digital technologies, i.e., video/DVD production (The GCTV Productions catalog of glass videos), to keep the flow of information in tune with our readers’ preferences