Wendt GmbH, 3M Abrasive Systems Division

3M provides unparalleled service in delivering bonded superabrasives to cutting tool manufacturers across Europe. Choose 3M diamond and CBN abrasives for round cutting and grinding drills, mills, end mills, reamers and more.

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Together with the former Winterthur Technologies Group, which is now part of 3M. From grinding-to-dimensioning all the way to Superfinishing, 3M has the tools you need to achieve stringent geometry tolerances and finish specs, part after part. Our products are used in industries that manufacture precision parts and components for automotive engines and transmissions, oil and gas drilling, cutting tools, aircraft and land based turbines and many others.


Компания Wendt GmbH
3M Abrasive Systems Division
Адрес Fritz-Wendt-Str.1
40670 Meerbusch
Телефон 0049 2159 671 238
Факс 0049 2159 671 170
Электронная почта Email Contact
Интернет www.winterthurtechnology.com/en/wendt.html
Работники 1000
Год основания 1920

Контактная информация

Имя Мистер Dipl.-Eng. Bernhard Hetkämper
Позиция Product Manager Glass
Телефон 0049 2159 671 238
Электронная почта Email Contact


Grinding machines and tools from a single source

Wendt is worldwide among the leading manufacturers of innovative grinding solutions for machining hard-to-machine materials. As the only manufacturer in the market, WENDT offers precision-grinding machines, diamond and CBN grinding and dressing tools from a single source.

Wendt mainly supplies markets such as the automotive, aeronautics, tool and glass industry.
More than 1,000 employees try to find the optimum grinding solution for every customer request at the German headquarters and another eleven sites in seven countries and across three continents. This mainly comprises

  • Grinding tools for the machining of hard materials
  • Grinding tools for precision-steel machining
  • Glass-grinding tools
  • Diamond-dressing rollers and dressing tools
  • Precision tools for Surface grinding
  • Peripheral grinding
  • CNC tool grinding
  • Roll grinding
  • Laser machining


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